Our Story

Hey! We're Josh & Caitlyn Eaton.

An adventure-loving couple located in the PNW (Oregon to be exact), but we've lived all over the USA. Campfires, endless hiking-trails, national parks, mountains, and really any body of water are things that get our hearts pumping. Everywhere we go, we always thrive on finding time to explore the great outdoors. We PROMISE there is an adventure in the wilderness waiting for you no matter where you are! We hope that Wild Earth Supply Co. can be a reminder of that. 

Our apparel is handmade & designed by us! We only use fabrics made in the USA that are WRAP certified (ethically sourced, sweat shop free and child labor free). We love living simply with a "less is more" approach, so we promise to print every piece made-to-order just for YOU.

Our Mission

- Encourage exploration + adventure to all corners of the earth.
- Create a strong desire to protect our environment + learn from it.
- Influence others to spend more time with nature.

Giving Back

When buying Wild Earth gear, each purchase helps protect + restore our oceans and marine life. We've explored coastlines all over the world - to our own stomping grounds of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf Coast. We love the sea and all the life it holds. That's why we're so sad to see the state it's in. It's time to make a difference. With each purchase at Wild Earth, you're helping us give back. Thank you for all of your support!

Thanks for checking us out. // Cait + Josh

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